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544 km far away from Bali, Harumi and Herry spent two nights sailed in the blue ocean with us to Komodo Island. An absolute pleasure to explore the land with its steep hillsides jade during the short rainy days, frazzled by the sun and winds.

We were absorbing village life and gazing out over the majestic ocean blue. We hiked to catch the horizon, entangled in between the jaw-dropping view of two colours sand beaches. There is something about the cylindrical shape of those hills and the light sprinkled that just can’t compare with other places.

Back to seven years ago in Singapore, right before Herry had to return to Los Angeles, he was introduced to Harumi. “She was irresistibly cute and instantly took my breath away. At that moment, I knew I was going to marry her someday.”

They were such a lucky couple to catch a double rainbow in between their couple session. This journey to Komodo island was one of a kind experience that made us see that sometimes its little moments like these that make the whole thing worth it.

Photo by Bonjo | Makeup by Alodia

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Daily routines can be challenging, busy and noisy, but Stephanie and Jason set aside their time for a family photo session. Hand-in-hand with their son, Bailey, the three of them strolled barefoot on sandy beach and exploring Kuta together.

These blissful images are the moments that they will reminisce about, maybe 2 or 20 years later from now. How they focus solely on enjoying the small moments at the beach, they will remember and laugh while reflecting about this trip.

When we are seeing this, there is a warm and fuzzy feeling of new love that we discover. A love of family.

Photo by Tutde

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A hug. That is something that always catch our attention, how the couple hug each other comfortably in their own way. When we spent a lovely day with Clarissa and Ho Chai, the way they hug really moved us, way too precious to ignored.

As far as we know, there is the one type of hug that every women love. That tight hug when you put some strength into it, using your both arms, not just one. The one where she could bury her face in your chest, that makes her feel safe and secure, warm on the outside and inside, that makes her feel wanted. A hug when she’s just about to let go, you hug her even tighter.

Photo by Budy and Baron

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