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Sarah + Chris // Siraman

Sarah and Chris’ cleansing ceremony. A ritual usually performed before a wedding in Javanese culture. As Sarah also share their story to us, “We decided to do the Siraman because my father is Javanese and Chris’s mother is also Javanese. We wanted to honour the tradition and at the same time, we felt that it would be something very interesting for our friends and family coming from overseas to witness.” It is believed to be able to clean the body and soul of the bride and groom.

The wedding weekend was started with a rehearsal dinner at Chedi Club Tanah Gajah, and then the Siraman ceremony in Villa Wantilan Putih for Chris, meanwhile Sarah was at her grandmother’s home in Batujimbar. All the ceremony then closed with a reception and wedding party at the Edge. Sarah combined an enormous effort to direct her wedding creatively with the help between her sister Naomi, her sister-in-law, her mother and also her mother-in-law.

The wedding itself using navy blue, off white and gold as its colour scheme. Another thing that also unique was the wedding favours, they had a Japanese ceramicist (Tooko Konno) collaborating with Jenggala to make handmade anapkin rings based on the colour scheme of the wedding. These napkin rings were then used as part of the table setting for the wedding dinner but on each one we tied a small note saying “Please take me home with you“.

Make Up Artist: Yeanne | Photo: Govinda

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